Updating Interject


INTERJECT often comes out with new features and updates. When doing so, it is our priority to make updating INTERJECT as easy as possible, so that you can access these features. In this walk-through, we'll see how to add these updates quickly.

To watch a quick walk-through video, click on the icon:

Updating to the Newest Version of INTERJECT

Step 1:  In order to update INTERJECT, we'll need to close Excel. So save anything open in Excel now.


Step 2:  Once everything is saved, we'll click the "Check for Updates" button in the INTERJECT ribbon

Step 3: A popup will appear with information about the computer's current version as well as the latest available INTERJECT Version. If INTERJECT has a critical update, there may also be an "Install By" date. If that is the case we must install the update as soon as possible. "New Version Notes" is  here we can see any notes about the new versions and what they may entail. Click "Get Update" to get the new version. It should only take a moment.

Note: If this popup appears at any point without having clicked the "Check for Updates" button, it means that INTERJECT has released an important update. INTERJECT will not lock us into updating at any time, so its okay to wait briefly. It is recommended, however, that we update at the earliest convenience.

Step 4: After clicking "Get Update", a popup will explain that Excel will need to reopen after the update is complete. Click "OK."

Once that popup closes another popup will appear asking to download the update now, let's click "OK" to begin the update.

Step 5:  Next, we'll close out of Excel so that INTERJECT can complete the update.

Step 6:  When the update is complete, a popup will appear saying the Add-In succeeded. Click "OK", and Excel will reopen.

To confirm we have the latest version, we'll click "Check for Updates" again and compare the two boxes.

And that's all there is to it, we have officially updated INTERJECT.

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