Installing INTERJECT

The INTERJECT Excel Add-in has Two Installation Paths

There are 2 options when installing INTERJECT:

    • Installation Option 1: Installing from the Portal Management Website using a ClickOnce installer for Windows™. This option is intended for single users to log into our portal to install INTERJECT. This option is quick, easy, and requires the fewest steps.
    • Installation Option 2: Installing via an Enterprise level MSI installer. This option is for large user bases that have standard configurations. This option is installed with a session controller who distributes the product to all necessary computers. While more technical, user set-up is still simple. 

Option 1: From Portal Management Website

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2:

  1. With an existing account, log in to the portal website with the same credentials used for the INTERJECT Excel Add-in.
  2. If you do not have an account, create one in the portal site by Requesting an Invite . INTERJECT will review your business information and provide a trial experience.

Step 3: Once logged in, visit the download page, and click the Install button to begin.

Step 4: Run the file after downloading. This will look slightly different in every browser (see below).



Internet Explorer:

Microsoft Edge:

Step 5: This file runs a Clickonce installer, which will ask for approval.

Any additional files will be downloaded by the installer.


INTERJECT will be registered  within Excel as an Add-in. It will appear the next time Excel is started.

Step 6 (For new installations):  If this is a new installation, then some preliminary settings are chosen. These can be changed later through the INTERJECT ribbon menu . Standard users will use the INTERJECT Cloud option.  If a company has arranged for unique configurations, a Custom Install Code might be used. Enterprise clients using a central MSI installation might use a Network Folder. 

Step 7:   When Excel opens, a prompt to accept the User License Agreement appears.

You are now ready to go! Just look for the INTERJECT tab on the Excel ribbon so you can use the  Login below.


Option 2: Enterprise level MSI installer

This method is for installing INTERJECT using the MSI-based installer package. Since each MSI is tailored to an individual customer, this will be a general overview of the steps for this option. The MSI-based installation also depends on the Interject Session Controller. The Interject Session Controller needs to run with elevated permissions, and it is used to manage the INTERJECT Add-in on multi-user servers.

Step 1: Acquire the zip folder with the INTERJECT install files and extract wherever you would like.

Inside will be three files. An executable, an MSI and, a text file. Before starting, take a look at the "readme.txt", which will have the most up-to-date information on the installation.

Step 2: With the INTERJECT MSI option, you have 2 possible methods to install: One uses the Command Line (.cmd). The other uses the Executable (.exe). For both options, you need to run the .cmd or .exe in administrator mode. 

Method 1: Command Line

Open the text file and copy the line that will install INTERJECT.  Note: Update the path to the MSI mid-way through the line.

It will look like this in Command Prompt. Press enter to finish the installation. Since you are installing in quiet mode, no other action is needed.

Note:  Make sure to restart Excel after installing.

Method 2:  The other option is using the executable

Step 1: Right click the executable and allow it to open as administrator.

Step 2: Select the program to run as an unknown publisher (certifications in progress). The following window will open. Click next.

Step 3: Read and agree to the End-User License Agreement.

Step 4: Determine where you would like INTERJECT to be installed. 

Click install to finish!

The following window should open once successfully installed.

Note:  Please restart Excel after completing these steps.

If you run into any issues you can email us at .

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